Blood  (and others) sampling  :

Avoid the queues by booking a timeslot for your blood samples (and others).

The City-Labs in Woluwe Saint-Lambert (Av. Marcel Thiry 216) is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 7.30 to 13.00, except public holidays.

Do not forget your ID and your medical prescription.

For your information : booking is limited to 15 days.


For Covid-19 Testing : Do not forget the ID you are travelling with !

The City-Labs carries out the testing of any person, with or without Corona Test Prescription Code (CTPC) and the testing of travelers (pre- or post-travel). The report is delivered in French and English.

TESTS from Tuesday to Friday : results the day after, at 2 P.M. max. // TESTS on Saturday : delay up to 72h

Whether the results of your serological test are negative or positive, details of IGM and IGG are not displayed.



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